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Every hairdresser at Thea•ology Salon & Day Spa is trained as a specialist in their chosen field; from keratin treatments to our exclusive beach wave. By allowing our hair styling team to focus on one area of service and then consult together to complete your Thea•ology Salon experience, you can be confident that you are receiving a personalized service with results as individual as you.

Hair Smoothing | Hair Retexturing

Brazilian Blowout

Is your hair damaged, dull, frizzy or unmanageable? Try our Brazilian Keratin Treatment (formaldehyde-free) for people who have over processed chemically damaged hair. This process can smooth and condition the hair at the same time. The added strength, elasticity, and moisture leaves hair smooth, soft, shiny and de-frizzed like you've always dreamed of. Beat Florida’s High Humidity - Last 3 Months!



Keratin Lasio Tropic leaves hair sleek but not super straight for those that want volume and versatility. The treatment is coconut oil infused and formaldehyde free. This lasts approximately 3 months. Unlike any other treatments, you do not have to wait a day to wash your hair.

Lasio Mocha Silk this deep conditioning formula is infused with cacao oil,  provides extra moisture for dry strands and tames coarse, curly hair. You do not have to wait a day to wash your hair. One significant thing to mention about all Lasio Keratin treatments offered at Theaology is that they contain 0.02% formaldehyde considered very, very low according to FDA and OSHA regulations.


Cezanne Perfect Finish
Keratin Smoothing Treatment $300

Experience the results of traditional keratin smoothing, without the harmful chemicals. Cezanne Perfect Finish Keratin Smoothing Treatment, a revolutionary new service, is 100% formaldehyde free, eliminates frizz and provides brilliant shine. Your hair will be more manageable while and styling time are dramatically reduced. The service takes up to 2 hours to complete, depending on the length and thickness of your hair and results last for months. A consultation is recommended.

Cezanne Perfect Finish
Keratin Express Smoothing Treatment $150

The same beautiful effect as the full service. Takes about 45 minutes to complete and results last up to 4 weeks. Add to any hair service.

Relaxer $120

Tame your unruly curls and textured hair with a sodium or thio Relaxer treatment. Your hair stylist will help determine the best relaxer system to use to create your new look. A consultation is recommended.

Thermal Straightening $750

This revolutionary retexturizing treatment produces extraordinary results. A consultation is recommended.

The Beach Wave $120

A Thea•ology exclusive! The Beach Wave is a texture treatment that delivers loose, casual curls that beg for the beach! This texture-creating service promotes loose waves that look gorgeous when your hair is down and glamorous when it's up! A consultation is recommended.

Permanent Wave $125

Add body, curls and movement to your hair.


Repair dry, damaged and over-processed hair with one of our keratin treatments from the hair root to end!

 Junior StylistSenior StylistExecutive Stylist
Brazilian Blowout$300 +
Lasio$300 +
Cezanne$300 +

Our prices are based on the training, experience, and ongoing development of our team.

Complimentary consultations are available for all services.

24 hours notice required for appointment cancellation

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