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Bridal Salon Services

Palm Beach Gardens Bridal Services

Get The elegant look for your wedding day that is customized just for you.  Our expert hair and makeup stylists will consult with you beforehand to design the perfect look that suits your personal style and complements your gown and veil or headpiece.  Services are provided at your home, wedding location or hotel.


Pictures of what you may want, bring photos of any styles that may catch your eye anything that reflects your personal style. The front of something or the back of a style, anything that will get us to your desired look.

  • Your DRESS; We suggest you have a photo of your dress or style that you will be wearing on the big day.
  • Your VEIL: if you will be wearing a veil , it must be brought to trial or any other hair accessory etc, or picture  be would be helpful.

THEAO•OLOGY SELECT PROFESSIONAL Will take pictures of all Three styles and will email them to you. If you decide you want something completely different closer to your wedding date,  we offer a discount for retrials.

Bridal Salon Services

For the Bride:

Pre-Wedding Trial

This appointment should be set anywhere from a week to months before the big day. Please come with your hair clean and dry, bring pictures of desired hair styles, and any veils, tiaras, flowers or head dressings of your choice that will be worn the day of the wedding. One of our bridal specialists will design the style that you are envisioning for your big day.

Wedding Day

Whether in the salon or on location, our bridal specialist will recreate the look from the one chosen on the day of the trial. Please come in with your hair clean and dry along with any veils, tiaras, flowers or head dressings that was chosen.

After Ceremony

If you desire, a stylist can stay and do any touch ups that you would like done for pictures or before your reception (a fee will apply)

Touchup Makeup

If you desire, a stylist can stay and do any touch ups that you would like done for pictures or before your reception (a fee will apply)

For the Bridal Party:

Up Hair

We are available in salon or onsite to accommodate your bridal party. Come with clean, dry hair, pictures of ideas or looks they desire (or you have chosen).


In salon, or onsite, our trained stylists can give you a blow out for those who would rather wear her hair down that will last throughout the event.

Full Makeup

We offer airbrushing for flawless finish. Application takes 60 minutes. This includes foundation, powder, blush, concealer, bronzer, eye shadow, eyeliner, mascara, and lip color.

Eyes Only

Application takes 30 minutes and includes, concealer, eye shadow, eyeliner, and mascara.


Temporary eye lashes can be added to any make up application or alone to add luster to your lashes.


Let Thea•ology be a part of your special day with signature hair and makeup Pre-Wedding Day Trials and Wedding Day packages for the bride and wedding party.

 In SalonMobile
For the Bride:
Pre-Wedding Trial$150 p/hrn/a
Wedding Day$200$300
After Ceremony$150 p/hr$200 p/hr
Touchup Makeup$100 + Trial$150
For the Bridal Party:
Up Hair$100 +$160 +
Blowout/Set$60 +$100 +
Full Makeup$125 +$125 +
Eyes Only$50 +$50 +
Lashes$25 +$25 +

Our prices are based on the training, experience, and ongoing development of our team.

Complimentary consultations are available for all services.

24 hours notice required for appointment cancellation

Hair Salon for Brides in Palm Beach Gardens Florida

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Pet Policy

With the exception of guide dogs, no pets are permitted in the salon at any time.